Whitetail Hunting Packages in Michigan

Hunts at Hopkins Creek Whitetails start at $1000 for one of our impressive 100 inch or over bucks.

We can accommodate you no matter what your budget, and promise to deliver an experience you will treasure.

Daily Hunting Fee: $200.00 per day or portion of day.

No hunting fee for the day a trophy is taken. All hunts are guided.

All Antler scoring base on Boone and Crocket Gross Green Score without deductions for asymmetry or non-typical.

Hunting fees are subject to change without notice. Ten percent price reduction for non-typical deer with 20% or more non-typical score. Hunting Fees are subject to change without notice.

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Trophy hunt

  • -Starting at $1,500.00

Bronze hunt

  • -146 to 160 inches $3,595.00

Silver hunt

  • -161 to 175 inches $4,995.00

Gold hunt

  • -176 to 190 inches $6,495.00

Platinum hunt

  • -191 to 200 inches – Call for pricing

Diamond hunt

  • -201 to 220 inches – Call for pricing

The Pinnacle hunt

  • -221 inches & above – Call for pricing