Whitetail Hunting Packages in Michigan

We can accommodate you no matter what your budget, and promise to deliver an experience you will treasure.

No hunting fee for the day if a trophy is taken. All hunts are guided.

All Antler scoring is based on SCI’s score without deductions for asymmetry or non-typical.

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Management Hunts

  • Up to 130 inches – $2,500.00

Trophy Hunt

  • 131 to 145 inches – $3,500.00

Bronze Hunt

  • 146 to 160 inches – $4,500.00

Silver Hunt

  • 161 to 170 inches – $6,000.00

Gold Hunt

  • 171 to 190 inches – $8,000.00

Platinum Hunt

  • 191 to 200 inches – $10,000.00

Diamond Hunt

  • 201 to 220 inches – $12,000

The Pinnacle Hunt

  • 221 to 250 inches – $15,000

Deer Hunting Packages in Michigan

Every hunter covets the beautiful whitetail deer to add to their collection of accomplishments. Taking down a whitetail buck tests your patience, determination, and skill as a hunter and outdoorsman. At Hopkins Creek Whitetails Ranch in Michigan, we offer you the opportunity to do just that surrounded by a stunning landscape and knowledgeable guides to help you along the way.

Our affordable whitetail deer hunting packages are perfect for beginners and seasoned hunters alike. Whether you want to take advantage of our guides’ expertise or venture off into our 120 acres of land on your own, we guarantee you’ll have the hunting experience of a lifetime with us.

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts in Michigan

Our Michigan bucks are all chosen with great care for their excellent genetics, making them some of the biggest bucks in the state and the ideal trophy game for any hunter. We have plenty of blinds spaced out to give everyone the best chance at walking away with a prize. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll take down a trophy whitetail buck that we won’t charge you a deer hunting fee unless you do.

Michigan Deer Hunting Lodge

Hunters who book a deer hunting package at Hopkins Creek Whitetails Ranch will find relaxing and comfortable accommodations at our lodge. Surrounded by forest, grasslands, cedar swamps, and lush watering holes, you can head back to your room after you’ve secured your trophy buck and enjoy a tranquil evening with gorgeous views. We even offer free fishing on our grounds to anyone who hunts with us—and we have some of the best trout fishing in Michigan.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better place for deer hunting in Michigan than Hopkins Creek Whitetails Ranch. We can accommodate any budget and skill level, and promise to deliver a one-of-a-kind hunting experience. Contact us today to book your Michigan deer hunting package!